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Coaching & Surrogate Partner Therapy 

Hand Massage

I work with clients in two modalities: as a Coach

and as a Surrogate Partner Therapist.

These modalities differ in their offerings, structure,

and who they are suited for.

Please read on to see which modality is best for you. 


Coaching clients can be individuals or couples. Coaching is best for individuals looking to overcome a specific issue that does not present with psychological issues (i.e., trauma).

Couples work requires in-person sessions. 

Individual work may progress to in-person depending on client presentation and my discretion.

My coaching rate starts at 250$/hr. 

All coaching begins with a 50$ virtual introductory session. To book, please fill out a new client inquiry form (at the bottom of this page).

Please find additional policies at the end of this page. 


Surrogate Partner Therapy

Surrogate Partner Therapy clients are individuals who present with relational and sexual difficulties that are psychological in nature (i.e., trauma). 

I do not work with clients in SPT who are married or in committed monogamous partnerships. Coaching may be available to these clients.

I only work with clients ages 28 to 55 in SPT. Coaching may be available to clients outside of this age range. 

My Surrogate Partner Therapy rate starts at 250$/hr. You can learn more about my fee structure on my rates page. 

What is Surrogate Partner Therapy?

Surrogate Partner Therapy is a therapeutic modality and therefore requires the involvement of a licensed therapist. If you are not already in therapy, I recommend looking on the AASECT website to find a sex therapist in your area. If you are a trans or queer potential client in California, I may be able to refer you.


It is important to understand that Surrogate Partner Therapy is a therapeutic process. For this reason, Surrogate Partner Therapy can not be completed in a weekend or even in a few weeks. It is common for clients to be in Surrogate Partner Therapy for 6 months to a year. For clients navigating sexual trauma (especially CSA), the course is likely to be longer.


Surrogate Partner Therapy is a great modality for sexual and relational concerns that are also psychological in nature. For this reason, I generally do not work with clients until they have completed at least six months of consecutive weekly therapy, depending on their presenting concern (I do make exceptions, generally for clients in medical gender transition). 


Surrogate Partner Therapy is a relational and clinical model. I am not a service provider. We will be building a relationship while you learn skills as supported by your therapist. Any of the three parts of the triad can chose to end this therapy at any time. 

You can learn more about Surrogate Partner Therapy here:

Embrace SPT 

Surrogate Partner Collective 


Getting Started with Surrogate Partner Therapy

If you have a therapist, please have them reach out to me. You and your therapist will need to sign a Release of Information between you before we can discuss your case. I am not HIPAA mandated, but your therapist is, so this if for their licensure compliance.

After I meet with your therapist, we will meet one on one via zoom. I will send you a link to book this. I charge 50$ for introductory calls.


If you do not have a therapist you are welcome to book an intro call with me. After you fill out the form at the bottom of this email, you will be sent a link to book a 50$ introductory session. 

After meeting individually with both you and your therapist, we will all three meet triadically via zoom before the work begins. If we decide to move forward, the triadic nature of Surrogate Partner Therapy continues throughout our work together. This means for every time you and I meet, you will also be required to meet with your therapist. Your therapist and I will also meet separately to ensure your progress toward your therapeutic goals. 

Surrogate Partner Therapy: How I Work

I work in an ongoing mini intensive style. We meet in 2-3 hour blocks on consecutive days, usually 2-3 days at a time. These mini intensives are usually scheduled every other week or once a month. I am open to discussing other intensive designs if an alternative schedule would work better for you. Due to the nature of my schedule, clients should expect to book their SPT start date well in advance. 

The nature of the work is that intimacy deepens over time. As a result, so does my labor, which decreases my ability to see other clients simultaneously. For this reason, my rates increase as we progress through the levels of the work. You can learn more about my rate structure on my rates page.

Intro calls are billed at a reduced rate of 50$/hr, and our first triadic meeting with your therapist is gratis. All subsequent meetings with your therapist are billed at my coaching session rate in 15-minute increments. 


Additional Policies (for both Coaching & SPT)

LA-Based Policies

I meet with clients at an office location in Central Los Angeles. 

If the client prefers to meet closer to their location, they will cover the cost of a rental space as well as travel fees and parking. I do not meet with clients at their home.

Travel fee rates are 50$ total for 10-15 miles away and 100$ for 15-20 miles away round trip from my residence in Pasadena, California. 


Out of Town Policies

For clients outside of Los Angeles, it is possible to do our in-person sessions in LA if you’d like to travel here. I can recommend accommodations depending on which part of the city you prefer to stay in. 

If I am flying to you, my accommodations and flights are covered at your cost. 

Airplane travel incurs a half day booking fee each way. All air travel will be booked business class.

New Client Inquiry

Please fill out a new client form.
I will be in touch with a link to my booking site. 

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