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Film & Television Professionals

I work with Film and Television Professionals as both an Intimacy Coordinator and Consultant,

specializing in stories either featuring or centering stripping and/or sex work.

For Producers

For Screenwriters

As an Intimacy Coordinator, I help directors and production realize their vision while acting as an actor safe space and liaising between different departments around sensitive topics such as closing sets, modesty garments, and actor riders. 

As an on-set consultant, I support special talent, such as (exotic dancers and special background) as an on-set advocate; as well as making sure they have the unique materials they need to perform that makeup and wardrobe may not be aware of.

Today's audience craves authenticity. By hiring a sw informed script consultant, you ensure your words capture the lived experience of your characters in a genuine way.


I have several years of experience consulting on screenplays and been brought in to adjust language around queerness for marketing copy at both major studios and small indies.

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